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Never say old for Bodybuilding
When I was a young man. I do not understand about a muscle builder lifestyle culture
Tony Cha who is  59 years old, but he still got up early to come to the gym everyday . I do not understand is that even though there is no entry into the contest for him. Why does he has a motivation.

Now, I am 50 years old, I have seen the answer. For most people, the meaning of the word “life” is to live through various age ranges, and so on, but for the term “culture of life” mean you don’t need to care about your age you just do something that make you happy and keep doing that likes Tony Cha,He  practice without having to depend upon the motivation of playing to compete).

Many people think the culture of muscle building life need to be rushed to reach a champion of the competition. They need to be the legend trying to get in the first rank then quit and they will be recored in the history that they are champion but The contest is just one component in the bodybuilding lifestyle

For me. Every time I walk into the gym. I would compare that I deposited money in the bank. Management fired into the gym more often. As the deposit to the bank so often throughout the exercise. It will help build confidence in health. Like to help stabilize the financial funds available in the bank to deposit them there.

When I am at this age. I see advantages in comparison to many young bodybuilders. Think of the amount of muscle you build more than them. Not only that, you also have the “wisdom of practice” arising out of the incubator experience over youth. If you compare it to education. The more of your age. You have the intellect comparable to a Ph.D. of the bodybuilder ever.

As long as you do a bodybuilding. You will be solving problems and obstacles to practice more. This will give you a strong increase both physical and mental. As well as the discipline to practice more with it. You can exercise without thinking that it is difficult. You can do it as routine as brushing your teeth in the morning.

If you have any time to feel even a little muscle that does not want to play anymore. The way I use  is reluctant to go to the gym now and then I remember the feeling when first I manage in the past with this. I think the casual sweat away from the body. , Considered the first concept satisfied with the completion of the new port. These feelings can help you feel better and want to practice on.

I would like to introduce for the young man who need to be a muscle builder. You need to learn and study first . I have seen many interesting E-book and on line training video. You can get it for free then learn from that and start with the confident.

By Tony Cha

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