Health and Personal Care

How to select health and personal care products.
Since you get up  until you sleep you  have the opportunity to experience the chemicals every time. Especially chemicals that come with many types of cleaning products such as soap,shampoo,toothpaste,foam,clean lotion,soap dish cleaning page. 
Even if our body has a powerful immune system can eliminate and prevent germs and diluted substance that could harm the body. But sometimes using cleaning products all lack a correct understanding of it may bring bad effect to our body.
The result of these products when we often use and we don’t know about product well.
Often sold as market are manufactured from klisoerin, which may be abstracted from plant oil additives and artificial klisoerin abstracted from petrochemical products which these klisoerin are mixed with substance launder (Detergent) to improve performance when using and cleaning often it will make dry skin symptoms occurs, tight. The soap mixture of synthetic chemicals such as bleach many types of colors tackling antiseptic substance added to some types of bacteria mix bubbles which make the skin play a role, but the symptom occurs, allergic.
Always have a mixture of substances they’ll wash ammonium. Wait for the Service Pack, insert, which seep into sulfate scalp in large quantities. Make the hair root is destroyed and abscission. Many types of chemicals in shampoo, perfume, Substance to prevent the fall of sediment texture shampoo Substance to prevent hair static electricity occurs on. Substances added to the weight I was plain, but harm the scalp hair and made such a bad long-term weight loss haengkrop hair with dandruff.
In addition to Fluoride. Almost every type of toothpaste often contains a mixture of Tri-San, which helps reduce the bacteria that cause diseases of the gingiva and tooth decay. Message thaimo post which will be used to reduce bacteria in the mouth. Usually rarely have difficulty using toothpaste, but if used in large quantities than necessary and it may cause allergy or in some types of opposed using toothpaste with Fluoride too many consecutive long, teeth become discolored and freckles.
To beauty products.
Foam face wash
When using the foam clears certain types of face  having a mixture of substances to reduce surface tension tight. Message colors The smell of fuel to the suspension and might cause an irritated. If you need to get rid of acne you will use Foam face wash which is friendly with your face skin
The smell of body suspension products.
Whether it is a robot, provided, or spray the fragrance level. Some types of substances likely to be side by side, Jane- Ben Saul lakho Millennium these byproducts to chloride, which shredded the sweat, which may cause a hole accumulation area up to transport a client not to absorb perspiration underarm flowing normally. In some types of message intensity may cause the cancer.
White chocolate flavor in each type of lipstick, such as color, fragrance, which has no equal, can cause redness, swelling, mouth or users. In some types of substances including lead To make a long stick-resistant lipstick, which can cause cancer in the long.
By Tony Cha

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