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I have spending almost 3 years to learn about how to take care of our health for today. and I got a very good conclusion that I think I would like to tell people about this and it will be a beneficial for us to live with happiness too. For my life the most important think is health and mind so this is what I suggest for you to do if you need to be happy.

1. You don’t need to think about money too much because It will waste your time and it can be increasing your stress. I have found many people who have a lot of money but they never feel truly happy. Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It means you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections. you need to find the reason to be happy and benefit your future. I have decided to be the best built-man in the world likes Arnold Schwarzenegger so I need to create my own schedule to do a weight training and focusing on how to be a good body builder. I won’t have time to think about anything stress.I found a good tip of bodybuilding lifestyle and I try to follow that way.

2.You need to be really careful about selecting your personal care in the market . I found that many products which is using everyday in our routine combine with bad chemicals and it affect directly to our health. Especially, when you make a decision to buy cosmetic, food or drug. You must read label very careful and study main ingredient. Some people in the hospital whom I met never drink alcohol or smoke cigarette but they have a cancer so what I can expect from this case is only we spend life everyday with bad environment.  I recommend that If you have a chance you should go away from city to rural area leave pollution and staying with nature.

3. Investment is the best way for you to be a freedom with passive income. I have seen many people afraid to quite their job and start their own business or event stat to invest some money in a stock market exchange . Only one reason that they deny to do because of risk then I ask them what is the meaning of risk and what is the factor that we can use and judge our life is risky or not . For me , risk means unacknowledged. when you can predict what is the result or what will be happened after you make a decision. You can’t say it’s risk . Investment is the same . Now, you can connect to Internet from home beach or beside the river. you can learn trading stock in Yacht. No matter who are you but you need to start thinking about passive income now.

4.Spending time with family can’t compare with anything. you will see most people in US and Europe now are going to be poor because of economic crisis. People will be stressful with unsustainable life. Encouraging can help.

By Tony Cha




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